Cell-Cultured Meat Proven to Offer Enhanced Nutrition Compared to Conventional Meat 🧫🥩🥕

Tufts University researchers have genetically engineered cow muscle cells to produce plant nutrients not natively found in beef cells. The team coaxed bovine cells into producing beta carotene—a provitamin typically found in carrots and tomatoes. They demonstrated that cell-cultured meat might be able to surpass the nutritional profile of conventionally farmed meat.

Lab-Grown Meat Tackles the Rising Threat of Antibiotic Resistance 🧫🥩💊

One of the many reasons lab-grown meat is beneficial for society is the ability to produce it in a controlled environment without the use of antibiotics or pesticides. There are several diseases associated with meat consumption, the most well-known being E. coli from beef.

Singapore Becomes the First Country to Approve Sale of Lab-Grown Meat 🐔🧫🍔

Singapore has approved the sale of laboratory-created chicken from the San Francisco based company Eat Just Inc, a maker of meat and egg substitutes. This marks the first government to allow the sale of cultured meat. The product, created from animal cells without the slaughter of any chickens, will debut in Singapore under the GOOD Meat brand as a chicken nugget. The company’s CEO, Josh Tetrick, stated the chicken’s flavor and taste are the same as the real thing.

For the First Time, the U.S. Government has Invested in Lab-Grown Meat Research

The University of California has recently received a $3.55 million grant from The National Science Foundation for cell-based, lab-grown meat research. The funding provided by the United States-based independent federal agency marks the first U.S. government investment in the cell-based meat sector.


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