Sharon Begley

Sharon Begley, senior science writer, covers genetics, cancer, neuroscience, and other fields of basic biomedical research. She was previously the senior health and science correspondent at Reuters, the science columnist at the Wall Street Journal, and the science editor at Newsweek. Among her favorite awards are an honorary doctorate from the University of North Carolina and the Public Understanding of Science Award from the Exploratorium in San Francisco. She is delighted to have moved to Boston but wonders why no one warned her about the Green Line.
CRISPR Cures Progeria in Mice, Inspiring Plans for One-Time Therapy to Treat the Disease 🧬🧫🦠

CRISPR gene editing has been used to more than double the lifespan of mice engineered to have the premature aging disease known as progeria. Researchers from the Broad Institute used base editing to alter a single misspelled pair of “letters” among 3 billion in the DNA of cells taken from children with progeria. If the results are confirmed in human trials, the method could prove to be a true genetic cure with a single injection, and not a drug children will have to take all their lives.


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