Samantha Black, PhD

I am passionate about sharing science. I can usually be found indulging in the details of the latest cancer immunotherapy designs or studying new innovations in microbiome research. Passerby beware; I will share all of my awesome science facts with you. I am an advocate for science, especially young scientists. It’s a harsh world out there… having endured the challenges of completing an advanced degree and entering the workforce, I know the struggles of young science professionals. I want to make sure they have all the tools necessary to meet the demands of the modern world. Currently seeking new opportunities to grow my skills in science publishing within a mission-driven organization. As a trained scientist who successfully transitioned into publishing, I am uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between scientific discovery and strategic endpoints.
CRISPR Offers Powerful Antiviral Protection & Detection of RNA Viruses🧬🔬🦠

Scientists believed that CRISPR effectors could be repurposed to help in defending human cells against both DNA & RNA viruses. Previous studies have shown that CRISPR-Cas13 possesses the ability to efficiently target and to cleave the RNA in several model systems, including the human cells.


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