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The coverage of science and technology related developments, particularly relating to research done in Indian research institutions, is generally very poor in Indian media. There are several reasons for this situation, one of them being the lack of good local content. In order to bridge this gap, Vigyan Prasar has launched a unique initiative - India Science Wire – in January 2017. The news service is dedicated to developments in Indian research institutions, universities and academic institutions. Almost all news stories released by this service are based on research papers by Indian scientists published in leading Indian and foreign journals. All news stories and features are written and edited by a team of professional science journalists with decades of experience in science journalism.
New Ultra-Sensitive Rapid Hepatitis B Test💉🔬🧬

Scientists have developed a new Hepatitis B test, which detects the ‘HBsAg’ or Hepatitis B virus surface antigen in the blood plasma. Both acute and chronic cases of Hepatitis B Viral diseases are diagnosed this way. Normally, there are 2 types of HBV tests – RDTs (Rapid Diagnostic Tests) and EIAs (Enzyme Immunoassays). While EIAs are extremely sensitive but expensive, RDTs are less sensitive and more affordable, resulting in laboratories with poor resources using the latter even for blood sample screening before transfusion. The RDTs are also easy to use, enabling untrained individuals to work with them. EIAs, on the other hand, demand skill.

Seaweed-Based Bioplastics from Red Algae🦠🔬🧫

A breakthrough in the plastic industry has been made by NIOT (National Institute of Ocean Technology) by developing a bio-plastic film from macroalgae & PEG-3000. This innovation will potentially scale down the consumption of plastics that are non-biodegradable.


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