Goethe University Frankfurt

Goethe University is a university located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was founded in 1914 as a citizens' university, which means it was founded and funded by the wealthy and active liberal citizenry of Frankfurt. The original name was Universität Frankfurt am Main.
3D Structure of Eye-Lens Protein 👁 🧪🔬

Researchers from Goethe University found that chemical bonds within the eye-lens protein gamma-B crystallin hold the protein together and are therefore important for the function of the protein within the lens. If the dense packing of the protein cannot be maintained, for example due to hereditary changes in the crystallines, the result is lens opacities, known as cataracts, which are the most common cause of vision loss worldwide.

Anti-Diarrhea Drug Can Serve as a Cancer Treatment 💊🦠🧑‍🔬

Previous research identified an anti-diarrhea drug, loperamide, as a potential treatment for cancer cells because it was able to induce cell death in glioblastoma cell lines. Furthering their research, scientists from the Institute of Experimental Cancer Research in Pediatrics at Goethe University have identified the underlying mechanism for the drug’s effectiveness.


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