Cell Press

Cell Press, an imprint of Elsevier, is a publisher of biomedical journals, including Cell and Neuron.
Epigenetic Therapy Boosts T-Cells to Kill Cancer Cells 🧬🧫🦠

Researchers from Princess Margaret Cancer Center developed a method to create “super soldiers” of white blood cells to boost the immune system's anti-tumor response. They hope that transforming T-cells can boost the body’s natural response mechanisms used to defend against cancer cells and benefit those who do not respond as expected to immunotherapy. 

Bacteria Produces Tissue-Healing Toxins🦠🧫🔬

Researchers reported in the journal Cell Reports that the cells and tissue-damaging toxic cocktail from Staphylococcus aureus have positive effects as well. The bacterial toxin stimulates specific immune cells, which in turn produces specialized messenger substances that reduce inflammation and promote healing of tissue.

Capsaicin, a Chemical Which Makes Peppers Spicy, May Play Vital Role in Optimizing Solar Panels 🌶☀️🔋

Researchers from East China Normal University in Shanghai treated solar panels with capsaicin, the compound in peppers that make them hot, to better convert solar energy.

Skinny Genes – Scientists Discover Gene that Protects Against Diet-Induced Obesity 🧬🔬🍕

We all know those people who can eat what they want without worrying about gaining weight. Thus far, the regulation of fat metabolism has mainly focused on finding genes linked to obesity. However, an international team of researchers have taken a unique approach to discovering genes linked to thinness, or the resistance to weight gain.


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